Saturday, August 20, 2011

Consider this Website to Earn Money and to Find Expertise

Dear Readers,

If you have not heard about it already, I would like to introduce you to the website My own experience with this site has been as a promotional avenue for my consulting (and to some extent freelancing) work in the area of communication. Here is a list of my proposed projects that are presently "live": If you click this link, you will see that I have this same list featured on my Visibli Engagement Bar (at some point, by the way, I will discuss Visibli on this blog in terms of your "online brand"). Although there are a number of projects proposed on that fall outside of the realm of freelancing or consulting, it my estimation, this site should be a priority for those consultants or freelancers using the Internet to find clients. I have found work through the site, and because of the positive professional experience for all parties involved, that initial project has resulted in ongoing work.

To you entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers, if you need some work done for an online venture of some sort, you should consider this site to find help at a lower cost. The good news is that you have the option of recommending a "gig" on the site, so as folks visit who have the expertise relevant to your needs, they can feature a proposed project that mirrors your recommendation. For you entrepreneurs who are selling a product or service, you should take a look at this website to see how it might fit within your framework of online promotion and distribution.

All transactions are conducted through PayPal, which makes for the efficient movement of monies. This is a clear advantage. So, at your convenience, please visit Consider utilizing the website in a way that fits your consulting, freelancing, and/or entrepreneurial activities. Why not then share your positive experiences from with your contacts? The more that we all use the site, then, the more that we all might benefit in terms of the effective exchange of expertise and the efficient earning of revenue.

Thank you.
Dr. Eric Grabowsky