Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Conduit to Clients

Dear Readers,

This is the first in a series of articles that I will write regarding the maximizing of by freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs. But for today, can be a conduit to clients for those who do freelancing and/or consulting, but only if their proposed projects are listed well and proactively promoted. This particular website can be a means of expanding one's visibility, gaining further experience, and earning ongoing revenue.

If you are doing freelancing or consulting, you likely have an overall framework of online locations where you look to find projects to complete for money. So, at your convenience, please visit the site under discussion at the following link: Take some time to get a sense of the flavor of the site. Although there are a number of ways on that folks are proposing to make money, you should notice that a number of the listed projects fall within the realm of freelancing and/or consulting work. Please note too that on the "Home" section of the site (if you scroll down just a bit) on the left side of the screen, there is a place for people to "Suggest gigs!" for review. I will return to this helpful feature of the website below.

Joining the site is a fairly easy process. You will see "Join" at the top of the screen. Once your registration is finalized, you are ready to go. You now have before you a platform for finding clients who are looking for the type of skills that you bring to the table. When you do propose projects, you will list each of them at $5, $10, $15, or $20. What skills ought you to feature on this site in relation to your overall online promotional framework? What is the value of your time? What sorts of projects could you complete in an expeditious way? This would be a good time to take a look at the "Suggest gigs!" area. Is there anything listed there that fits within your overall range of expertise? To maximize your use of, I would begin with a minimum of three proposed projects for visitors to review.

Listing a proposed project is also fairly easy to do. You can begin this with "Create a Gig" under "Seller" at the top of the screen. For a freelancer or consultant, completing a "gig" should not be too difficult, so I will not go into great detail here. However, there are some professional and promotional considerations to keep in mind. For the "Instructions to Buyer" area, be clear as to what information you will need on the front end to complete the project effectively and expeditiously. Also, list a range of tags that reflect the nature and scope of the project that you are proposing to those visitors who will be reviewing the list of proposed projects. Proofread your entire "gig," as the reading of your "gig" is a type of online interview on the quick. So, for example, if you say that you are a competent writer or a good editor, it would be expected that you have dealt with mistakes within your project proposal. Do not propose a project that you are not able to finish well within the time frame listed by you. As you know, credibility is an important component to successful freelancing and/or consulting. As a practical matter (in terms of maximizing revenue and managing time), I would recommend listing proposed projects that take up to three days or less to complete. If you get a routine going on this website, you could have a nice cycle of completed projects and paid earnings in place as you move forward. Finally, if you see a listing in the "Suggest gigs!" area that falls within your realm of expertise, be sure to list a "gig" that mirrors that suggestion as closely as possible so that the right person can see it when visiting the site.

So, you have now listed at least three proposed projects. Proactive promotion will be your key to maximizing At the top of the screen, look under "Profile" to click on "Settings" so that you can make sure that all of your information is complete and accurate (including your PayPal email address). You will notice that you have a link to your website profile. Your proposed projects will appear in your profile. For your reference, here is the link to my profile (shortened): You should also notice that next to each proposed project there are options to "Share this gig" through other online avenues. Straight away, look for the websites/networks of which you are part. Share your "gigs" immediately. Of the options listed, where are you not presently a member? This would be a good time to weigh the issue of your joining other sites and/or networks. Remember, promotion is going to be a key element of successfully using to your advantage. Copy the links for your website profile and proposed projects and paste them somewhere accessible on your computer for ease of promotional access. Promoting these links will be important to your finding work and earning money through this website. By the way, your specific "gigs" are always available by clicking on "My Gigs" under "Seller" at the top of the screen.

Obviously, you may use the "Share this gig" options that are available. This is certainly convenient, but it is not always practical. For instance, if you use some sort of Twitter management platform, it is nice to have the link available locally as you consider which accounts to use to promote your work ideas. Should one dedicate a Twitter page to one's own promotion of one's work ideas from You ought to weigh this for your own promotional activities. The rules for Twitter usage permit more than one account (I believe that each account must use a different email address). I also suggest that you utilize traffic exchange websites. Since there are many out there on the Internet, I will not recommend any here. You will have to find one or more exchanges that you are comfortable with for your promotional framework. Most of the time, you will be able to list your links and view other sites with respect to points. The more sites that you view, then, the more often your links to sites will be seen by others (some exchanges also allow for the purchasing of points). I do want to give a note of caution here. Depending upon the traffic exchange, you will see material that is offensive at varying levels or just plain weird. So, keep a solid moral grounding as you navigate the world of traffic exchanges! With these reservations on the table, I encourage you to try some traffic exchange sites. There are serious visitors to these sites who might be looking for the types of skills that you can bring to the table for their commercial or non-profit endeavors.

When someone purchases a "gig" or sends an inquiry, you will get an email. However, because of the nature of the Internet, it is best for you to check a set number of times per day ("Inbox" and then "Manage Sales" under "Seller"). The processes of communication and completion are fairly simple, so I will not go into great detail here on these practical matters. All communication, updates, and transactions must take place through the site. In my estimation, all of this is an advantage for the freelancer or consultant, as this website provides a platform for promoting job ideas and earning consistent revenue. Over a period of time, you should determine how many "gigs" that you ought to have listed at any given time as regards to getting work done and managing your time. All payments are handled through PayPal, which also works to your advantage in terms of having an established revenue stream from

Again, the website address is as follows: You can find the Facebook Fan Page for here:

If you are on Facebook, why not visit and "like" the page? We all benefit if more persons post and purchase "gigs" through this website. Visibility for the site is visibility for us! The bottom line is for you to post and promote relevant work ideas that fall within your overall set of professional skills. This is how one can maximize the use of as a conduit to clients. Thank you for reading!

I will publish the second article in this series at some point within the next week. The focus of this next article will encompass the relevance of to entrepreneurs.

Dr. Eric Grabowsky