Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Virtual Job Exchange for a Tough Economy



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A Virtual Job Exchange for a Tough Economy

Las Vegas, NVJune 22, 2011 – Negotiations and ruminations continue in the world of politics regarding the recession, but as each day goes forward, people continue to feel the pain of the present economic circumstances. Our Democratic and Republican politicians have a place to work during this troubling period of time, unlike a growing number of American citizens. Of course, many people have turned to the Internet to scan for available jobs, but even if qualified, they still will have to go through an application process. In the interim, money is still tight. This is why many people in a tough economy are using the website to earn money and stay active.

Jim Vidmar, who is the owner of this service, features a variety of work opportunities on the website. For instance, one could keep their writing or creative skills current by working on an advertising or marketing project as a freelancer. If someone is handy in the kitchen, they might be able to develop or refine a recipe for payment. Those who have musical or production experience could use this site as an opportunity to share their tonal or technical talents. According to Vidmar, “Although many of our postings fall within the realm of professional freelancing, we invite our visitors to be innovative about the ways that they can put forth their valuable skills for everyday people.” The negative effects of the economy are felt by those involved in for non-profit and for-profit endeavors too, so this service gives them a chance to get some help while they can’t afford the costs of hiring. “My hope is that we can really brand ourselves as an online job exchange for multiple audiences,” Vidmar explained, “especially as we continue to attract freelancers, entrepreneurs, proprietors, managers, programmers, editors, writers, musicians, and artists to the site.” The overall theme of entails both having fun and making money.

After a quick registration process, those seeking work can list proposed projects, each at the price of $5, $10, $15, or $20. According to Vidmar, “Because one of my goals is to deliver a visible platform for those who need work quickly, I have been striving to promote this website through various avenues.” For managers who need work done, besides reviewing proposed projects, they may post their own suggested project, so that those who are qualified for the type of work needed get the word up on the site as soon as possible. Payments are made through PayPal, which makes the payment process more efficient for those who need to save money and those who need to make money. provides a virtual exchange between those hiring and those looking to get hired. Questions may be directed to Jim Vidmar, the owner of the website, by E-mail at the following address: Please visit today to add another layer of revenue to your cash flow.